The Garden of Colour Hybrid Gel Geometric 5 g

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TYPE: decoration
UV CURING TIME: 48 W / 60 s
LED CURING: 48 W / 60 s
COVERAGE: covering

Geometric Hybrid Gel – hybrid gel for creating incredible ornaments on nails. Geometric patterns, straight lines, artistic compositions – this products gives you unlimited possibilities. Unleash your inner artist and change your manicure into colorful pieces of art!


  • easy application
  • cured under UV and UV/LED lamp
  • soaks off in acetone
  • striking durability – lasts up to 4 weeks!

Available in five color versions: White, Black, Silver, Gold and Pink

Way of use: Apply primer, wait 30 seconds. Apply base coat and cure under lamp for 60 s. Apply layer of color gel, cure each of them separately under lamp for 30 s. Use Geometric Hybrid Gel and nail art brush to create pattern, cure under 48W UV or LED lamp for 60s. Apply one layer of no wipe top coat, cure under lamp for 60 s.