UV LED Lamp 6W Mini

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  • Manufacturer: Silcare®
  • €17.99
  • pcs.

Professional and convenient UV/LED lamp 6W Silcare 3 Mini for ornament curing with 6 LEDs. Curing time: 60s and 90s curing time available.

Its small size allows easy transport and saves space. It’s ideal for travels! Particularly recommended for home use.

Easy to use and harmless to the eyes.

Product specification:

  • 6 LEDs
  • Maximum power consumption: 6W
  • Dimensions: 140 x 69 x 17cm
  • Wavelength: 365 + 405nm
  • Rated input power: DC5 V/1 A or 3 x AAA alkaline batteries (7 x 1.5V alkaline batteries)

Silcare does not recommend UV LED and LED lamps with electric power less than 36W for curing gel and hybrid products covering the whole nail plate. They can be successfully used for curing decorative elements.

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