Hybrid Gel Dry Top Eggshell 6,5 g

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Hybrid Gel Dry Top Eggshell 6,5 g

Hybrid Gel Dry Top Eggshell 6,5 g

Silcare Baza hybrydowa SoPro HEMA FREE 7 g

SoPRO UV/LED Hybrid Base HEMA FREE 7 g


TYPE: tops
LED CURING: 30 sec
COVERAGE: transparent

Stone effect in your favorite color? Now it is possible – discover our no-wipe top coat with black glitter particles Silcare Eggshell Dry Top UV-LED. With this product, you will easily create a fashionable eggshell effect manicure that brings to mind a delicate, dotted quail’s egg. This nail art trend  is a sensational choice not only for Easter!

Silcare Eggshell Dry Top UV-LED is a no-wipe top coat with black particles. It gives a beautiful finish to nail designs. You can forget about painting the dots manually and enjoy a durable and surprisingly stylish look. Eggshell effect manicure is the upcoming craze of the season – now you won’t miss it!

Shake the container thoroughly before each use to mix the glitter particles.


  • gives an eggshell effect (stone effect)
  • seals the nail design and secures the color
  • it does not leave an inhibition layer (no-wipe top coat)

Directions for use: Apply thin layer of Silcare Eggshell Dry Top UV-LED to cured layer of gel or gel polish and cure under UV-LED lamp with minimum power of 36 W for about 90 seconds. For a better effect, apply second layer of the product and cure again. Top coat does not need to be wiped with a cleaner.