Lacca ibrida Flexy - She W!LL Stay Brave *250 4.5 g

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Silcare Lakier hybrydowy Flexy - She W!LL Stay Brave *250 4.5 g

Lacca ibrida Flexy - She W!LL Stay Brave *250 4.5 g

Silcare Lakier hybrydowy Flexy - She W!LL Stay Brave *249 4.5 g

Vernici ibride Flexy - She W!LL Stay Brave *249 4.5 g


GENERE: colori
COPERTURA: copertura - consigliate 2 mani

Discover your femininity with Flexy She W!LL Stay Brave collection.

Flexy She W!LL Stay Brave is a collection consisting of five gel nail polishes in the shades of bright coral, raspberry, baby blue, denim blue and green pistachio that will give you the courage to continue developing your individuality and realizing your plans. Spring is the symbol of changes and awakening – do you also feel the need to express your new self and your own standard of beauty? Do not wait for the opinions of others, show off your assertiveness by presenting the world your modern image and groundbreaking manicure! You will be able to enjoy the effects of your beautiful nails and improved bravery for much longer than usual, because the bottles are equipped with round brushes that allow to apply the product up to the cuticle line, extending the time of wearing a nail art without a visible outgrowth.

Feel the desire for change this spring and start loving your true brave self with Flexy She W!LL Stay Brave gel nail polish collection.

You will find plenty of shades in Flexy gel nail polish line: starting from subtle nudes and calm pastels, through crazy, vivid neon colors, and ending with glitter ones and extraordinary cat eyes. Even though every collection is different, they are all characterized by high durability, intense pigmentation and thick consistency that enables comfortable work. Thanks to their 4.5 g capacity, you can increase your collection of gel nail polishes without worrying that you won’t use them till the end.

Make your world colorful with Flexy gel nail polishes!


  • flessibilità (grazie all'utilizzo di oligomeri appositamente selezionati);
  • pigmentazione intensiva (è una solida dose di colori energetici);
  • perfetta adesione (si lega alla base tramite legami idrogeno);
  • ideale per lampade LED e UV-LED (efficienza quantistica significativa);
  • polimerizzazione senza problemi (grazie all'utilizzo di efficaci fotoiniziatori).

Modalità d'uso: Agitare più volte la confezione prima dell'uso. Dopo aver applicato e indurito il primer, stendere 1-2 strati sottili di prodotto e polimerizzare sotto lampada UV-LED o LED per 30 secondi. Non risciacquare con un detergente. Richiede l'uso di una finitura adeguata.

Directions for use:

Shake the container thoroughly before use. Apply base coat to the nail plate and cure in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions. Next, spread 1-2 thin layers of Flexy gel nail polish over its surface and cure under UV-LED or LED lamp for 30 seconds. Do not wipe with a cleaner. Secure the nail art with appropriate top coat.

CLICK, for the full curing table.