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Gel Brush 2 mm

Gel Brush 2 mm

-10% fiszka
Acrylic brush # 04 White - Spiral
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-10% fiszka
Acrylic brush # 04 Silver

Acrylic brush # 04 Silver

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Professional nail art brushes – to make your manicure a pleasure!

Nail art has always been very popular and today it is not declining at all – on the contrary, it is growing more and more. Nowadays, you don't always have to go to a stylist to get your nails done, because with the variety of cosmetics and styling accessories available, you can do many nail styles and designs yourself.

Nail art brushes are among the nail accessories you need to conjure up beautiful designs on your nails. The possibilities of decorating your nails are almost limitless: they allow you to do whatever your imagination wants and the precision of your hands allow!

The professional nail art accessories are waiting for you in our shop every day. In this category you will find various nail art brushes with which you can easily create different designs and ornaments on your own and your customers' nails.

Nail art brushes for special tasks: check out what we have!

In the Silcare shop you will find various nail art brushes for different tasks. Amongst other things, we offer fan brushes, as well as ombre and gel brushes. There is also no shortage of different proposals for detailing nail art brushes and dotting tools. But that's not all!

Here you will also find brushes for cleaning the nails during and after styling – special powder and dusting brushes are used for this.

The different bristle thicknesses and lengths of the brushes ensure that you can easily choose the one you need most. However, it is worth stocking up on a few different brushes so that you can implement a new decoration idea at any time!

A small and large nail brush for everyone

Although every nail art brush has a specific purpose, nothing prevents you from giving them new roles. It all depends on your creativity and your current needs. All the brushes that you'll find in the Silcare shop are high-quality products, so that even with repeated, intensive use as well as cleaning and disinfection, they will remain in perfect shape.

Small and large nail art brushes, as well as nail dusting brushes, are available in various shapes and colours, so they will also simply please the eye!

Nail brushes in the Silcare shop choose quality at a good price!

Every day, we make sure that our customers are satisfied with the quality of the products they purchase from us. That's why we keep our range of products up to date with new cosmetics and accessories. Check which brushes are available in the current offer and choose from a lot of colourful and excellent quality proposals!