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Home foot care. Choose your perfect product to prepare for summer

Home foot care. Choose your perfect product to prepare for summer

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Feet are considered a particularly demanding part of the body when it comes to our daily care. Unfortunately, we often do not take care of them very carefully. We do not focus on this stage of care in autumn and winter. Only when the warmer summer season is approaching do we try at all costs to deal with dryness, roughness or calluses. We want to be 100% sure about this, but foot care still raises many questions and contradictions...

Home foot care can be effective if you properly compose your individual set of cosmetics. The most important thing is that the products you purchase - foot cream, scrub, bath salt or exfoliating mask - are tailor-made and contain ingredients identical to those used in professional pedicure salons. Consistent with your specific needs, health condition and expectations.



The power of individual foot care. 4 types of needs = 4 product series

 Get ready for summer now. Elegant sandals and stylish flip-flops are waiting for the upcoming holiday season, and you have a deep desire to achieve a healthy, flawless, radiant look - from head to toe. So let's start with the feet!

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Time for a Quiz

Take our short QUIZ below. These are just 3 questions and will help you efficiently and without unnecessary doubts choose the perfect cosmetics for home care of your feet. You will feel professionally taken care of and your every need will be "ticked off"!

  1. Which of the 4 foot skin needs listed below (from the most important to the least important) best describes your individual desires?
    1. moisturizing, calming, refreshing, toning,
    2. refreshment, relief, lightness, soothing,
    3. exfoliation, smoothing, revitalization, softening,
    4. relaxation, softening, nourishment, elasticity.
  2. Which ingredients in foot care products appeal to you the most?
    1. refreshing sage, revitalizing avocado oil,
    2. cooling menthol, protective neem oil,
    3. regenerating panthenol, exfoliating AHA acids,
    4. moisturizing glycerin, relaxing lavender.
  3. What is the one word that you think most accurately describes thoughtful, effective foot care?
    1. hydro,
    2. energy,
    3. smoothness,
    4. softness.


Time to take the Quiz

 If you marked the letter A two or three times, the nappa Hydro Comfort line is the answer to the care needs of your feet. By performing a ritual consisting of three steps - softening with a soaking gel containing refreshing sage, exfoliation with a peeling with avocado oil and moisturizing with a foot cream with an oil complex, you will ensure the effects you expect right now. And in the summer, your feet will thank you with full hydration, refreshment and shine!

If your answers were B, pay attention to nappa Energy Comfort. Coolness, relief, relaxation and freshness guaranteed! The best effects of home foot care will certainly be brought by a three-stage care ritual. Step No. 1 is Lavender-scented foot soak gel. The second step should be exfoliation, in this case sugar exfoliation, using Peeling. At the end of the care, it is worth using a cream with menthol, which will moisturize and provide immediate relief.

Your answers to the above quiz included the most letters CNappa Smooth Comfort will bring you results that are closest to your expectations! Foot cream with 30% urea will take care of your feet in many ways, Peeling will smooth them gently but effectively thanks to salt crystals. However, to diversify your care routine, also use the Mask with AHA acids. This product can really improve the quality of even the most demanding foot skin

Or maybe the most common answer to quiz questions was D in your case? Then the nappa Soft Comfort line will fulfill your care wishes. Soften, exfoliate and moisturize with three Soft Comfort products for a fantastic softness that will exceed your expectations. Moreover, it will rejuvenate the skin and bring out its hidden beauty..


Now you know what exactly you need to deal with the problems affecting your foot skin and what products you should use so that this stage of care does not arouse reluctance and tension in you. Let it simply be the most pleasant ritual that brings the results you have been waiting for for so long...