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Take luxury with you for the May weekend! 3 essential products worth taking for the May weekend

Take luxury with you for the May weekend! 3 essential products worth taking for the May weekend

Kobiety na pikniku 

May weekend is just around the corner... It's a sign that spring has already arrived and your skin deserves to be fully glowing. For the long May weekend, it is worth taking unique products that will give you the long-awaited break from everyday life and guarantee extraordinary, sensual experiences – a feminine scent, exclusive touch...

A luxurious body gel shimmering with thousands of particles, a fragrance mist scented with the symbols of spring, or a body oil that highlights individual beauty? Consider our suggestions for the perfect May weekend and feel well-groomed like at a SPA!



Glow on! Body gel – illumination and touch of the sun

A body gel that gives our skin great care effects and an amazing, healthy and golden glow look? If after reading this question your answer is: "I want this product!", then you couldn't have come to a better place. So Rose! So Gold! Glow on! Body Gel is an everyday space for luxury in your home. You can look literally every day as if you had just returned from colorful, sunny Spain or the exotic, hot Caribbean. Body gel from the most exclusive Silcare line softens, smoothes and moisturizes, but does not leave a feeling of heaviness or stickiness on the skin. All thanks to the light, gel formula, full of plant, vegan "goodness", 100% safe for all skin types.

The recipe consists of up to 97% natural ingredients. Hyaluronic acid and coconut watertightens the skin, enabling it to be permanently moisturized, while “vegan silk” makes the body velvety to the touch.

The appearance of your body evolves because the gel perfectly evens out its color. Moreover, it will cover them with a subtle tan effect, enriched with golden particles that shimmer in the sun's rays. It will beautify any skin, regardless of your complexion.

Glow on! is a perfect choice for many occasions. Take it with you, regardless of the season, on your long-awaited May weekend trip or use it in the upcoming wedding season to make your outfits refined in every detail.

In addition to all the advantages mentioned above, you will absolutely be convinced by the perfumed scent of this product, emanating ultra femininity and sex appeal, the sweetness of fruit and the sophistication of flowers... It is impossible to ignore it.


Kobieta na pikniku 


Fragrance body mist – sensual femininity and girlish charm

Your favorite scent always nearby? This is possible thanks to handy perfume mists! It's a luxury that you can have at your fingertips every day – on your dressing table, in your purse, when meeting friends. A dose of self-confidence and positive, feminine energy guaranteed!

Our brand's Perfumed Body mist is a combination of refreshing, fruity fragrance notes – tangerine, peach, cranberry with expressive, aromatic floral chords – rose and white flowers, complemented by typical women's perfumes, deep scents of vanilla and patchouli. A composition worth attention if you like to be sweet and elegant at the same time and you are looking for something that will be perfect regardless of the season, your mood that day or the occasion you are getting ready for.

How to use fragrance mist? It is best to spray it in places on the body where it will last the longest – i.e. in the bends of elbows and knees and on the hair.

Handy packaging, convenient application, safe, microplastic-free composition, light, vegan formula... Provide yourself with numerous moments of luxury in your everyday run and make your life more pleasant.

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Body Dry Oil – rich nourishment and individualism


A richly nourishing oil? But does this type of cosmetic have to leave a sticky, greasy layer on your skin? So Rose! So Gold! Body Dry Oil is proof that it have not!

The vegan, almost 100% natural recipe of the oil is a combination of unique active ingredients, including the Silk Touch complex, sodium hyaluronate and vitamin E.

What does our skin achieve thanks to such substances? First of all, a silky touch, moisturizing, soothing, rejuvenating and nourishing. This is the power of nature in a perfectly refined version!

The particles sparkling in the sun will show the beauty and uniqueness of each skin, and at the same time your incredible individualism! Massage the product into your entire body, preferably every day, and it will thank you with a clear glow that you have never even dreamed of before!

Take luxury to the May weekend. Now you know how you can do it. Your skin deserves a lot of pleasure... And "happy" skin means a more confident you!


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