Спрей для ускоренной сушки волос QUIN 200 мл

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ДЕЙСТВИЕ: Восстанавливает, Выравнивает тон кожи, Глубоко питает, Защищает, Сглаживает, Смягчает, Увлажняет

Quin Hair SpeedDry is an innovative spray that is able to not only speed up the hair drying time by up to 15%, but also comprehensively take care of their condition.

In Quin Hair SpeedDry, a mixture of highly-selected amino-functional silicones is used to create a unique film on the hair. It is thanks to this that it is possible to speed up the drying of the hair after washing. The research proves the effectiveness of the spray: the results indicate that drying accelerated by up to 15% compared to the product without the components we used in Quin Hair SpeedDry! Hair drying time is noticeably shorter both with the use of dryer or curling brush, as well as during the natural drying process.

In addition, the silicone compounds used affect the appearance of hair and shine, and also facilitate combing; in particular, they take care of damaged, dense and curly hair. The product formulation also used a vitamin complex with calcium pantothenate, vitamins A, E, H and vitamins from group B (B7, B8). Individual of them show, among others such as: nourishing and moisturizing hair, restoring radiance, general improvement of their condition, prevention of falling out and electrification, protection against environmental factors and mechanical damage. In spray we can also find hydrolysed silk, which gives softness to dry and damaged hair, makes it much easier to comb and stay simple for a long time.

Thanks to a perfectly balanced formulation and accurately selected components it is possible to:

  • acceleration of the hair drying process
  • smoothing hair
  • facilitating detangling
  • eliminating frizz
  • perfect hydration
  • improving the condition
  • obtaining a beautiful gloss
  • avoiding sludge and load

Hair after using Quin Hair SpeedDry are soft, smooth to the touch, nicely shiny. They leave a long-lasting, delicate fragrance with fruity-floral notes.

The cosmetic is ideally suited for use both at home and in the hair salon.

Directions for use: Shake well before use. Spray evenly on the washed, towel-dried or damp hair. Do not rinse! Protect your eyes.

Remarks: Store below 25 ° C. Protect against direct sunlight. Keep away from children.