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Trendy nail styles for the May long weekend. How to make the upcoming May weekend more enjoyable?

Trendy nail styles for the May long weekend. How to make the upcoming May weekend more enjoyable?

Stylizacje paznokci na majówke

Are You going away with a group of friends for the May long weekend? Or maybe the May weekend is the only free moment in Your packed schedule to do a proper home SPA and finally put Yourself first? It doesn't matter what Your plans are. The most important thing is to remember Your needs!

Check out our mini guide and check what nails are fashionable now. Your May Day manicure will be delightful! We will also tell You what products will make You feel 100% well-groomed and self-confident. Is it worth buying a scented body mist? How to achieve a beautiful effect of illuminated, sun-kissed skin? Read on and You will get Your answer. Start the great countdown to the May weekend with us!



3 hot nail ideas worth considering for the May weekend

Classic French manicure, milky ombre, pearl finishes or elegant red are always great manicure choices. However, the upcoming spring makes us want to experiment. We want to introduce more colors into our lives, we dare to try new things and let ourselves be carried away by our imagination. So what are 3 fashionable nail ideas that delight with their modern aesthetics and perfectly fit the spring trends of 2024?

  • Floral vertigo

    When, if not now, in full spring? Floral patterns and effects can be placed on Your nails in many different ways. Combine them subtly with french to achieve a delicate, fashionable accent. Or approach the topic a bit more creatively and boldly, choosing various floral configurations in pastel or neon.
    Paint or glue flowers on Your nails in accordance with Your preferred style - in a glamorous version, enriching them with metallic glitters or rhinestones, in a boho version, using a color palette close to nature or using dried flowers, or in a vintage version, reaching for blurry pastels.

Stylizacje paznokci w kwiatki wykonane przez Magdalene Czop 


  • Covered with spots

    The spring-summer 2024 season definitely and unanimously belongs to the leopard pattern. It returned to fashion with a bang, appearing on global catwalks (including Dolce&Gabbana shows at Fashion Week) not only in accessories and individual wardrobe items, but also, and above all... in the total look! Spotted materials have finally stopped being considered tacky. They have been given a completely new, attractive dimension.
    Currently, store shelves in shopping malls are full of jackets, dresses, shoes and scarves covered with leopard print. This pattern was treated as universal, suitable for every age group. It just needs to be "played" appropriately.
    Maybe it's worth starting by introducing this bold, predatory design a little more subtly? An accent in the form of manicure can be a brilliant idea to diversify your May stylings! French nails with spots on the tips, classic leopard print with a bit of gold glitter or a crazy, neon version? Choose the option that best suits You and Your spring sense of aesthetics!

Dwie stylizacje paznokci wykonane przez Magdalene Czop

  • To be a coquette…

    The "coquette" aesthetic has taken over Instagram and Pinterest. More and more women interested in fashion are reaching for elements of the style of a modern coquette. It all started with the trend of tying hair in bows and the return of frilly mini skirts. Currently, "coquette" has completely taken over the fashion world, both as a separate, independent style and as a variety, combined with other trends.
    What styling elements does a coquette like? Bows, ribbons, hearts, pearls, butterflies, roses... Everything that is sweet and feminine at the same time. And what kind of nails? The perfect "coquette" styling is, for example, a milky-pink, delicate base and the above-mentioned motifs in the 3D version. Or French manicure with the addition of red. Painted cherries can be a hit here!
    If airy, girlish dresses, corset tops and ballet flats with bows are Your choices for the May long weekend - You will certainly fall in love with "coquette" nails!
    The perfect color base for a "coquette" manicure is the 10in1 Revolution Light Pink Hybrid Base in a subtle, milky shade of pink. Thanks to as many as 10 applications, You can use this product in various ways without worrying about the durability of Your nail styling!

Stylizacje paznokci wykonane w odcieniach niebieskiego wraz z wzorkami 


Skin for the May weekend. Spring body care with immediate results

Spring self-care is more than just moisturizing the skin with an appropriate cream or intensive exfoliation once a week with a peeling. In spring, we need pleasant rituals that will give us immediate results. And our body will get a completely new face after winter... The long May weekend seems to be the perfect time for extra care.

What products will give You a unique look, but above all, a wonderful spring feeling and unshakable self-confidence?

  • Fragrance body mist

    The scented body mist guarantees beautiful, aromatic effects, but without unnecessary heaviness. This is what makes it different from standard perfumes. It's worth entering spring days with Your favorite scent, combining unique flowers and fruits.
    So Rose! So Gold! Body Mist is luxury enclosed in an elegant bottle. A scent so sweet and feminine that You will want to spend the entire spring with it.
    How to use fragrance mist? Spray it on any parts of Your body and hair. Take it in Your bag or suitcase for the May long weekend and You won't be forgotten...

  • Body gel with particles

    The skin, fully ready for spring, is illuminated and shines magically in the sun's rays. How about a body gel that, apart from having great effects on the healthy condition of the skin, also gives us a clear beautification?
    So Rose! So Gold! Glow On! Body Gel is an extraordinary balm with golden particles. It guarantees hydration, nourishment, firming, smoothing and the appearance of sun-kissed skin. Perfectly selected plant substances, including: inca-inca oil, will allow You to get a refreshed, radiant look for the long-awaited May weekend.

Spring will leave a sunny sign on Your skin thanks to So Rose! So Gold! Body Gel!



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