Using marterials and trademarks

1. Rules of using materials

Silcare Company agrees to the use of all promotional and advertising materials contained on its website. In order to use materials whose copyright is owned by Silcare a citation (eg, texts), exposing (eg, graphics) in its original form with a clear indication of "Source:" - applies to texts.

The content and graphic materials branded Silcare shall be protected under the Polish and international law, including in particular the rules on copyright and related rights and on combating unfair competition. Therefore, any attempt to change the content, image in graphic form must be previously consulted with the company Silcare.

2. Trademarks - definition of symbols

Symbol ®

It stands for "registered". This character is reserved for signs registered in the Patent Office. As part of the registration one obtains an additional right of protection for a trademark.
If the company logo is registered in the Patent Office, it can use the stamp ® with the logo. Otherwise, it shall be liable for misrepresentation under the provisions of the Unfair Competition and industrial property rights.

Symbol ©

It is an abbreviation of "copyright". Sign defines a right granted to an author for the creation of the work. Tracks (verbal content, photographs, graphics), which were introduced by the company have the status of ownership of the company and can not be used without its consent, and copy for your own purposes.


3. Description of cosmetic products:

Silcare sp. z o.o. sp. k. prepares descriptions of cosmetic products in a manner consistent with the applicable law.
Silcare sp. z o.o. sp. k. provides descriptions of cosmetic products on the official website of the company and in offers addressed by the company to customers.
It is unacceptable to modify the descriptions of cosmetic products manufactured by Silcare sp. z o.o. sp. k.
Silcare sp. z o.o. sp. k. is not responsible for any changes in the descriptions of cosmetic products made by third parties, including customers of the company or its distributors, as well as for product descriptions made available in materials other than those indicated above.