For you, for Earth

We encourage you to work together for ecology by taking part in our campaign. Give us 5 empty containers and get one full absolutely free.

Silcare® brand products, since the beginning of the company, are not tested on animals. For testing we use experience and opinions of specialists. We use knowledge of institutes specializing in dermatological research and expertise. We are environmentally friendly through its leading environmental program "For you, For the Earth", giving the example in the cosmetics industry to comply with environmental standards, respecting not only good of nature, but also nurturing the human sensitivity to the beauty of nature.

Taking care of the natural environment is becoming one of the dominant trends of socio - economic development. In pursuing its mission to take an active part in the construction of national recovery and recycling of packaging waste. Our company attaches great importance to environmental protection, because e.g. to our products we use packaging suitable for recycling. Collected package will be delivered directly to the recycling company, where they will be converted into a secondary raw material, which will then be converted to the new packaging.

Duration time - as long as the Earth will need it.

General principles:

If you will return 5 empty packages of Silcare® Base One Line, Garden of Colour or Color IT New of the same weight, you shall receive 1 new product. E.g. :

- for 5 empty packages of Base One Clear 15 g - participant will receive 1 new Base One Clear 15g gel;

- for 5 empty packages after difference aroma and color olives 15ml - participant will receive olive 15 ml - to choose.

- for 5 empty packages after nail polish Garden of Colour any number - participant will receive 1 nail polish - to choose;

To participate in our Eco Campaign thru web store you need to:

1) send right amount original empty Silcare® packages to: Florence, Handel Internetowy, Kostrzyńska 1, 66-400 Gorzów Wlkp., add: Eco Campaing

2) make order (any value) and inform that you want to participate - by phone 957250315 or e-mail

So far we have collected over 220 kg of packaging, it is aprox. 4.3 thousand. individual products. We encourage you to Eco Campaing, take care of environment together with Silcare®.