Sterilization bags 90x230 mm 200 pcs.

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Cleanliness in cosmetic procedures is always at the forefront of the most important elements of salons. It should not be forgotten that with any treatment the tools we use get dirty, even if we are not able to see it ourselves. Cleanliness means safety, and it should always be our priority.

The sterilization bags 90x230 are therefore the perfect solution to the problem of dirty instruments. It is enough, after the procedure performed, in the bag to hide all the accessories we used, after which the set is placed in the autoclave. After the device has done its job, our tools are like new - clean and safe!

Thanks to the surface of the film, we can easily identify the contents of the package when collectively sterilizing our tools, and the self-adhesive strip used allows us to close the bag quickly and without risk. The set includes as many as 200 pieces of the product, which will guarantee us a long time of safety in the salon.


  • safe, tested bag closure formula,
  • high quality materials,
  • universal shape and size of bags.

Directions for use:

  • wash the instruments after finishing the procedure,
  • place the washed instruments in the sterilization bags and close them tightly,
  • put the sets into the autoclave and follow the instructions of the device,
  • we take out the cleaned sets and take out the accessories.