Gel nail polish maniMORE 20 10 g

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TYPE: colors
COVERAGE: covering - 2 coats recommended

maniMORE – more than just manicure.

maniMORE gel nail polishes are the quintessence of luxury on your nails. The tempting and chic gloss is an integral part of glam style, which attracts desired attention. You can discover even more beauty and enjoy the riches every day thanks to professional manicure. Show everyone that you have the elegance and class worthy of the red carpet!

Looking with admiration at a fancy manicure, you know well that it is something more than just painted nails – it is a way of expressing yourself and a self-confidence booster. maniMORE line is also something more than just gel polishes. Their advanced formula allows long work on five fingernails at once. The effect of high surface tension prevents the gel polish from flooding the cuticles and nailfolds, which makes application incredibly easy and fast. The effect of high surface tension facilitates creation of nail decorations, without loss of detail. The creamy consistency and half-round brush provide precise application and comfortable spreading up to the cuticle line, allowing you to impress others with your nails for a long time, without a visible outgrowth. New pigment cross-linking stabilization technology used in the formulation provides a vivid, smooth, glossy and durable layer of color. The standard shades present in the line will astonish you with their intensity and coverage after just one layer, while pastel and neon colors will capture your heart after only two ones. An elegant and original design of the bottle make it an ideal decoration of any beauty parlor or dressing table. What is more, the cap has a precise color button that will help you quickly find your favorite shade. maniMORE gel polishes not only look divine on the nails of demanding nail fans but they are also a perfect solution for thorough instructors, who want to dedicate more time to their trainees.


  • they create an ideal surface for nail decorations,
  • they do not flood the cuticles or nailfolds,
  • they allow long work on five fingernails at once,
  • self-leveling,
  • an elegant bottle in trendy glamour style with a color button,
  • precise half-round brush,
  • creamy consistency,
  • durable, smooth and glossy layer of color,
  • ideal coverage and high adhesive level,
  • vivid, highly saturated shades,
  • comfortable and fast work thanks to advanced formula,
  • cured in UV-LED lamp,
  • recommended for both beginners and instructors,
  • they do not need to be wiped with a cleaner.

Directions for use: Shake the container thoroughly before use. Apply base coat to the nail plate and cure in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions. Next, spread 1-2 thin layers of maniMORE gel nail polish over its surface and cure under UV-LED lamp with minimum power of 48 W for 60 seconds. Do not wipe with a cleaner. Secure the nail art with appropriate top coat.