Base One Gel UV Mystic Aurora 5 g

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What to do,to make your nails shimmer with different shades of the same color depending on the angle of incidence of the light and at the same glowed like crystal clear water? Use a complete novelty on the market - UV Gel Mystic Aurora!

Thanks to a special pigmentation you get a phenomenal effect of metallic glow. Base One Mystic Aurora is a surface gel. What sets it apart is getting the effect of emphasizing the nail - texture becomes smooth like crystalline water surface, creating a lens under which the metallic particles shimmer under the influence of light. At the time of the imposition on a darker color, it interacts, creating an original transparent space between the newly created metallic shade, and the surface that shines.

Base One Mystic Aurora is the perfect solution for people who do not like boredom on the nails If you love challenges and a bit of fantasy. Mystic Aurora will check in your ornaments perfectly. The gel gives a lot of possibilities - from embossed texture, to the change in intensity and saturation. Get rid of the boredom and check the strength of the unique transparency in the mystical line of UV gels Silcare! Aurora Mystic is a medium density gel. Cures in a UV lamp 36W 2/3 minutes. Should be wiped with Cleaner. You can apply on a variety of colors, but the best effect is visible using dark colors.

Gels Base One were created by the modern recipe that produces an extremely durable polymer chains of gel mass. The appropriate alignment of the particles makes the mass strong and flexible at the same time has a very good adhesion to both  false and natural nails.

HOW TO USE: Matt the nail plate using a nail file, then clean and degrease. Apply the chosen color gel. Great results can be achieved by applying dark colors gels, such as: black, navy, burgundy, etc. Cure in a UV lamp 36W 2-3 minutes. Apply a thin layer of Mystic Aurora Gel and harden in the lamp. Wipe with Cleaner. For even better gloss and durability apply finish gel or high-sheen top.

GEL TYPE: half-transparent,glitter



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