Eyelashes RSK8

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  • Manufacturer: Silcare®
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Short and scarce eyelashes are a thing of the past! Thanks to high quality tufts of false eyelashes made of synthetic silk your look will gain clarity, making you more beautiful and confident. The after effect of using the tufts is subtle and it is often used in a wedding makeup, just when there is a need to enhance the lashline, without obtaining a theatrical result. These false eyelashes can be used repeatedly, if necessary, clean them with alcohol.

One tuft contains a few strands of lash hairs, joined in a small knot which makes the attachment process easy and comfortable.


  • length 8 mm
  • black color
  • practical packaging
  • 60 tufts of eyelashes
  • reusable

WAY OF USE: Before attaching, soak the tip of the tuft in a drop of glue, then stick it on the natural eyelashes in a chosen place. Same length lashes can be attached, to equalize the enhancement of the lashline. To obtain a cat’s eye look, attach longer tufts in the outer corner and shorter tufts in the inner corner of the lashline. The final effect can be modified, by adding or removing the tufts.

COLOR: black

SET CONTENTS: 60 tufts of eyelashes

* Limited amount. Sale of the last pieces is directed towards retail customers