Care Set Woman's Vibes Argan Touch 3 x 50 ml

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ACTION: Deeply nourishes, Improves condition, Moisturizes, Protects, Smooths, Softens

Woman's Vibes Body Care Set 1 is a limited set of cosmetics for hands, feet and hair. Their main ingredient is argan oil, called the liquid gold of Morocco. It is no coincidence that we chose this particular oil – not only is it a nourishing elixir of beauty, but also its pressing is traditionally done by women. Having women in mind, we have created the Woman's Vibes collection. We want to celebrate all shades of femininity – both the subtle and ethereal shades, as well as the expressive and decisive ones. We appreciate both feminine strength and beauty, and it was for the sake of the latter that we have composed our care set for hair and body.

The set includes:

  • Silcare Woman's Vibes Foot Cream – moisturizing and strengthening foot cream with argan oil. It exhibits a regenerating and rebuilding effect on the epidermis, softens and lubricates, providing your feet with exceptional comfort;
  • Silcare Woman's Vibes Hair Oil – argan oil for hair that has smoothing properties, makes hair silky and soft; facilitates combing, protects hair cuticles from sunlight and prevents flayaway and static hair;
  • Silcare Woman's Vibes Hand Cream – regenerating and nourishing hand cream with argan oil. The rich formula will strengthen the lipid barrier of the skin and prevent it from becoming cracked and chapped. Ideal for mature, very dry and sensitive skin. It moisturizes and lubricates as well as protects hands against harmful external factors.

Features of the products:

Silcare Woman’s Vibes Foot Cream:

  • contains argan oil,
  • moisturizes and lubricates,
  • softens,
  • provides comfort to feet by regenerating them.

Directions for use: Apply a thin layer of cream on thoroughly cleansed and dry feet.

Silcare Woman’s Vibes Hair Oil:

  • contains argan oil,
  • has smoothing properties,
  • facilitates combing,
  • protects hair cuticles against sunlight,
  • makes hair silky and soft.

Directions for use: Apply a few drops into your hand and spread it gently over the mid-lengths and ends. Use on clean and completely dry hair. Do not use too much oil. Do not rinse. Can be used after each hair wash.

Silcare Woman’s Vibes Hand Cream:

  • contains argan oil,
  • nourishes and regenerates,
  • prevents skin from chapping and cracking,
  • moisturizes and lubricates,
  • protects against harmful external factors.

Directions for use: Massage into clean, dry skin of hands and leave it until absorbed.


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