Two-Phase Nail Polish Remover Regenerating - Strengthening 150 ml

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You have to say goodbye to each, even the most beautiful, style. To keep our hands well-groomed and cared for, let's reach for a remover that will provide us with adequate nail protection.

Two-phase nail polish removers are fragrant and delicate, and at the same time extremely effective - all this makes using the product not only effective, but also very pleasant.

Active ingredients contained in the cleaner improve the condition of the nail plate. After mixing the two stages of the cleaner, a homogeneous liquid is obtained, which returns to its original state after a few minutes. The product leaves a delicate fruity scent of citrus, kiwi or mango and papaya on the plate. It can be used for both natural and artificial nails (acrylic, gel, nail).


Moisturizing and smoothing two-phase nail polish remover is an innovative acetone-free product whose top layer allows you to quickly and effectively remove nail polish. The bottom layer contains selected active ingredients: castor oil, peach seed oil and silk proteins , thanks to which the product balances the action of solvents that dry the skin around the nails and the plate itself, as well as moisturizing and smoothing. Castor oil has a soothing and soothing and moisturizing effect - it retains moisture in the skin, gently oils the dry plate, prevents breakage and splitting. Peach seed oil has moisturizing and smoothing properties, strengthens and tones the nail, and also accelerates its growth. In turn, silk proteins strengthen and smooth the nail plate.

The cleaner leaves a delicate fruity citrus scent.


    • two-phase formula
    • does not contain acetone
    • moisturizing and smoothing effect
    • affects faster nail growth

HOW TO USE: Before each use, gently shake the bottle to completely merge the two phases. Apply the product to the swab, apply to the nail for a few seconds - the varnish layer will dissolve, facilitating its efficient and quick removal. Wash your hands thoroughly after using the cleaner.


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