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Top Universe Conditioner

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Top Universe is a new line of  surface preparation for use on colored nail varnish or gel. Revives the color of colored decorations. The universe has many unique colors, some of them can be applied on nails, and their intensity emphasized through the topcoat formulations from Silcare. Choose one of six color variations, most corresponding to the color of the previously applied varnish or gel. It may be used alone, directly to the natural nail plate, as well as tips and designs with gel method. The best results are obtained when applied to color. Top painting emphasizes the intensity of the color applied. Additionally the color becomes glossy. Top leaves a perfectly smooth and shiny surface. Packaging has a specially shaped brush which is made of high quality nylon bristles in TYNEX ® technology from U.S. company DuPont. With its unique flat shape, the brush facilitates the distribution of product on the nail plate and shortens the application time.


  • Surface preparation for varnish
  • Can also be used on the UV gel
  • Emphasizes the intensity of the colors
  • Can be used alone
  • Leaves a perfectly smooth and shiny surface
  • Does not contain harmful ingredients
  • Has shaped brush
  • Ease and precision of applications

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