Tonic for the care of the scalp Trichoplex 75 ml

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ACTION: Protects, Soothes

Trichoplex Set for scalp care in a decorative bag consists of booster in the form of a light tonic and a deep cleansing scrub. This trichological duo contains BaicapilTM Complex, which stimulates growth of new, healthier hair as well as protects it against excessive weakening and hair loss.

SILCARE RE-BALANCING SCALP BOOSTER TONIC – a formulation in the form of a light tonic is a perfect solution for people struggling with excessive hair loss and its slow growth. It contains active ingredients and valuable plant extracts, which stimulate hair growth, increase volume, prevent hair loss and oily scalp.

The product contains aqueous extracts prepared from plant, such as chamomile, arnica, sage, pine, watercress, burdock, lemon peel, calendula, nasturtium, white nettle.

The action of two active complexes containing natural plant extracts (i.a. watercress, calendula and pine) was combined in the product through the DUAL-SYNERGY MECHANISM. The first of them is intended to care for the scalp, tone and soothe irritations and redness, tighten, reduce sebum production. The mechanism enables the second complex to boost the stimulating effect of hair growth and protection against hair loss as well as to increase hair’s volume.


  • form of light tonic
  • active ingredients and plant extracts that stimulate hair growth, increase volume, prevent hair loss and oily scalp
  • active complexes that tone and soothe irritations and redness, stimulate hair growth and protect against hair loss, increase hair volume

Directions for use: Apply product using a pipette, gently massage for 1-2 minutes. Do not rinse. Product does not weigh down the hair. Use 1-2 times a day for at least 8-12 weeks.