The Garden of Colour Hybrid Gel Peel Off Base

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  • Manufacturer: Silcare®
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Peel Off Base coat from The Garden of Color line makes the removal of hybrids and UV gels very easy.  Just lift the edge of the product’s layer and peel it off from a nail or nail tip. It will detach in one piece along with applied gel on it. It’s very convenient solution, especially when it comes to removing glitter gels.


  • cures in UV and LED lamps
  • thick consistency
  • does not damage a nail plate
  • does not affect stylization’s durability

WAY OF USE: Apply Peel Off base coat and cure in UV lamp for 2 minutes or in LED for 30 seconds, then apply chosen gel. To take the products off, lift the edge with a wooden stick or nail. 

The dimensions of the cardboard box 9 g

width 30 mm
height 68 mm
depth. 30 mm

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