Wide foot file FSZ10T

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Silcare Wide foot file FSZ10T

Wide foot file FSZ10T

Silcare Foot Mask nappa Smooth Comfort with AHAs 250 g

Foot Mask nappa Smooth Comfort with AHAs 250 g


A professional, two-side foot file that will help you get rid of a dead skin layers of on heels. In a short time, you will restore your feet smoothness and impeccable look, as well as make a pedicure on your own in your house, safely and comfortably.

The foot file is made off solid and durable material, which assure high water-repellent properties. It is easy in use, due to its special shape and solid construction, the foot file facilitates reaching hard to reach places.

The foot file is ideal for a beauty salon as well as for use at home. It’s easy to keep clean.

The foot greater is available in two variants:

  • a total length -23 cm, abrasive surface -10,5 cm x 6,5 cm


  •  perfectly contoured
  •  two abrasive surfaces
  •  effectively rubs thickened epidermis
  •  ideal to perform pedicure at home conditions


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