Hairbrush Tanglerezze with handle

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  • Manufacturer: Silcare®
  • €3.49
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Tanglereeze hairbrush, with it untangling your hair will become extremely pleasant! Specially designed bristles painlessly brush out even the most tangled strands of hair. By using this hairbrush you will also provide a relaxing, delicate massage of your scalp: the bristles massage the skin of the head, which improves its blood circulation (in result, the hair start to grow faster!). Prevents frizz and smoothes adding a beautiful shine to the hair. This hairbrush can also be used to detangle wet hair, without damaging their structure. The hairbrush’s shape makes it lie well in the hand.


  • material: plastic
  • length: 18.5cm
  • bristles in different sizes
  • feels good in hand
  • adds shine to hair
  • prevents hair frizz