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Strong, beautiful, naturally looking nails? A stylization made using gel method is a guarantee of ideal hands for several weeks.

Silcare Base One Gel Starter Kit contains what you need to make a gel manicure. Color and builder gels, primer, nail files, cuticle sticks and dust-free cotton wipes should be present in a cosmetic case of every nail stylist. Nail extensions with the use of tips require glue of best quality and reliable nail tip clippers – we included them too.

Additionally, the set contains lots of decorations: original nail stickers, shimmering glitter, studs that add feistiness to every nail design and rub-on powders, thanks to which you’ll obtain an amazing effect of frost or water surface on your nails.

As expected from a starter kit, it also contains a practice finger, thanks to which you’ll learn how to create perfect nail arts. Practice makes perfect, and gel nails are an excellent way to obtain beautiful and durable manicure!

The kit consists of:

  • Silcare 4-way Buffer Block 100/100 (2 pcs)
  • Silcare BANANA Nail File 100/100 (1 pc)
  • Silcare STRAIGHT Nail File 100/100 (1 pc)
  • Dust-Free Cotton Wipes 50 pcs (1 pkg)
  • Exellent Clear Nail Tips 100 pcs D/K (1 pkg)
  • Nail Glue 7.5 g (1 pc)
  • Nailo Primer 9 ml (1 pc)
  • Acetone Garden of Colour Melon Orange 150 ml (1 pc)
  • Gel Nail Art Brush size 02 burgundy (1 pc)
  • Freeze Effect (2 pcs)
  • Tips refill MIX 50 pcs. (1 pkg)
  • Stickers D225 (1 pkg)
  • Shimmer Glitter (1 pc)
  • Metal Studs (2 pkg)
  • Stud tear (1 pkg)
  • Base One Builder Clear Gel Strawberry 5 g (1 pc)
  • Base One Bianco Extra W3 5 g (1 pc)
  • Base One Builder Cover Light Gel 5 g (1 pc)
  • Base One Color Gel *08 (1 pc)
  • Base One Color Gel *11 (1 pc)
  • Base One Color Gel *54 (1 pc)
  • Base & Top Vanish 8 g (1 pc)
  • Scissors Multicolor 02 *Blister (1 pc)
  • Short sticks (10 pcs.)
  • Round brush T-Pink (1 pc)

The kit is available only at Preview photo. Colors of accessories (e.g., buffer blocks or nail files) may differ from the actual product.


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