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SILCARE TRENDS Mother EarthWhile creating the 2017 spring collection, we took both trends into consideration, fashion and nail stylization. MOTHER EARTH refers to the popular in this season earth colors.Return to nature is of course about green, brown and beige tones; you will find them all in Base One Colour line.

Base One Colour – medium thick and self-leveling – provides high comfort of work. Due to elimination of acrylic acid we have developed a product which has a more favorable effect on the nail plate than other standard UV gels. Base One gels have been created based on the modern recipe, that enables to obtain exceptionally durable polymer chains of gel mass.


  • acid-free
  • one-phase
  • medium thick
  • self-leveling

WAY OF USE: cure under a 36W UV lamp for 2 minutes. NOTE: Color No. 37 (Black Jack) should be applied with two very thin layers and cured under efficient bulbs.