Silcare Magazine No 36 + GRATIS

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The weather is not favorable to us lately. It gives us the whole spectrum of its possibilities. High winds, heavy storms, temperature fluctuations – hot days and then immediately a cold snap. All of this is the reason why our bodies need support. We need to act holistically...

The holiday season is the perfect time to take care of ourselves and our health. In this issue you will find dietician's advice, Ayurvedic rules and recipes that will make you feel comfortable. The colors of the issue, which we have chosen, will also put you in a good mood and work like an injection of positive energy. In the interview of the issue, Ewa Śpiewak, a bra fitter, will explain how a well chosen underwear adds self-confidence. Natalia Ślizowska, a fashion designer, will present the summer trends, and Renata Kin-Maciejewska, a cosmetologist, will suggest how to improve the condition of the skin. In addition, we publish a large dose of inspiration for vacation nail art designs. Let yourself be carried away by your imagination. It's time to get rid of the office look and put on the summer colors.


Format: A4

Paper: gloss chalk 250 g (painted cover), 150 g (interior)

Number of pages: 68

Circulation: 5000


 p. 4

Interview of The Issue: Discover the Power of a Well-fitted Lingerie – a Bra Fitting Lesson with Ewa Śpiewak


 p. 10

How-to’s for Beautiful Skin

 p. 12

Perfect ombre – is it possible?

 p. 14

Not Only Hybrid! In Other Words, a Return to the Natural Look


 p. 16

Cosmoprof Worldwide Bologna 2019

 p. 18

The Foundation for Authentic Women – Why it’s Worth it?

 p. 20

The Foundation for Authentic Women – We Support / We Motivate / We Help

 p. 22

New Silcare Trainers


 p. 24

Step by step: Ice Cream for Refreshment

 p. 26

Step by step: Marine Patterns

 p. 28

Step by step: Tropical Paradise

 p. 28

Contest Results: combination of Living Coral with mint, royal blue and écru

 p. 30

Step by step: Summer Time 

 p. 32

Contest: Energetically & Juicy

 p. 34

Psychophysiology of Vision – Energetically & Juicy – red, Orange, Yellow

 p. 36

Fashion: Summer Trends 2019

 p. 38

Summer Make-up


 p. 40

Cooking Art: Tastes of Summer

 p. 44

Gluten-Free Diet – Trend or Necessity?


 p. 50

A Sentimental Journey Through My Wardrobe

 p. 52

Be Fit: For Your Health! Ayurveda

 p. 56

Twelve Beauty Types and Four Seasons

 p. 59

Secrets of Beauty are the Secrets of a Happy Woman

 p. 60

Coffee with a Seed of Motivation: The Journey of My Life 

 p. 62

Inspire Yourself

 p. 64


 p. 66

Nail Stylists’ Feedback: 10in1 Revolution Hybrid Gel

 p. 67

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