SILCARE INSPIRATIONS Collection Sunny Fandango

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You feel delicate grains of sand under your feet, and before you a deep and endless blueness spreads. You walk slowly and lightly along the coast, looking for the most beautiful seashells. Your skin gleams under the full sun while you are enjoying the relaxing sound of waves that fills you with tranquility. This is exactly what you needed – beautiful views to gaze at and a break from routine.

Sunny Fandango is a collection of gels and gel polishes in the shades of yellow, orange, lime, pink, red and turquoise that will take you straight to a hot Portuguese beach!.

The 2021 Silcare Collections present 12 stops on a colorful and exciting route around the world. Dare to change and discover new cultures, traditions and landscapes with us. Travel the world with your nail across the map!