SILCARE INSPIRATIONS Collection November Dusk

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Take an evening walk through the autumn Gdańsk. This harbor city keeps impressing you over and over again with its architecture, where warm brown color of bricks mixes with red, beige and yellow of old tenement buildings. While walking through the Old City, you try to imagine how it used to look a few centuries ago. You visualize vibrant merchants’ stalls, full of valuable fabrics, fragrant spices and oriental flavors. You are back in the present moment, holding a cup of hot coffee and heading towards the Długie Pobrzeże Street to admire the picturesque settling dusk.

November Dusk is a collection of gels and gel polishes in the shades of beige, red, brown and gold, which together create a picture of an autumn sun setting over the Gdańsk Bay.

The 2021 Silcare Collections present 12 stops on a colorful and exciting route around the world. Dare to change and discover new cultures, traditions and landscapes with us. Travel the world with your nail across the map!