SILCARE INSPIRATIONS Collection Gondola Ride

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You are lazily relaxing at the shadow of a historical Venetian townhouse. The delectable aroma of coffee envelopes you. And while you are enjoying the heavenly taste of tiramisu, the cheerful hustle and bustle of the city fills your heart with joy. You stumble upon a show of gleeful street artists illuminated by the mesmerizing light of the setting sun, and you lose yourself in the performance, turning it into a memorable moment – you become the star of the evening. The night falls too fast, but this will not stop you from appreciating the slow gondola ride in the beautiful light of the luna.

Gondola Ride is a collection of gels and gel polishes in the shades of pink, red, delicate yellow and orange, as well as, deep turquoise and dark sea blue. This romantic palette of colors will make you recall the setting sun reflecting in the Venetian canals.

The 2021 Silcare Collections present 12 stops on a colorful and exciting route around the world. Dare to change and discover new cultures, traditions and landscapes with us. Travel the world with your nail across the map!