SILCARE INSPIRATIONS Collection Hello Manhattan

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The autumn greets you with a crispy pink morning, but this does not stop you from putting your favorite blue trench coat on your shoulders before going outside. While walking along the street to the nearest bakery, you pass crowds of people hurrying on their way, and hear a mix of many different languages. Just a moment later, holding a hot bagel in one hand and hot coffee in the other, you are sitting in a yellow cab, driving to your beloved Central Park. It is your green oasis in the center of busy Manhattan, where you can relax and enjoy the view of trees slowly turning red and purple.

Hello Manhattan! is a collection of gels and gel polishes in the shades of yellow, pink, purple, red, green and blue. It will surely inspire you to create a manicure in a New York style. Get the vibe of the magical city that never sleeps on your nails!

Note: The last four presented Flexy colors can only be found in our newest Hello Manhattan set.

The 2021 Silcare Collections present 12 stops on a colorful and exciting route around the world. Dare to change and discover new cultures, traditions and landscapes with us. Travel the world with your nail across the map!