Cream for skin of hands, elbows and knees 100 ml

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ACTION: Deeply nourishes, Firms, Moisturizes, Protects, Smooths

A light, fast absorbing cosmetic, which effectively moisturizes dry skin and guarantees a lasting improvement of its condition. Active product with a delicate, floral scent, it is recommended for everyday skin care of hands, elbows and knees.

Due to complex of ingredients: glycerin, vitamin E, soybean oil and paraffin, the cream protects skin against excessive drying, nourishes and improves its elasticity. When used regularly, it restores softness, leaving skin smooth and soft in touch.


  • light formula
  • delicate, floral scent
  • fast absorbing
  • silicone free


  • keeps skin moisturized for a long time
  • protects skin against drying
  • nourishes and improves elasticity
  • restores smoothness and softness

 Way of use: Massage the cream into clean and dry skin of hands, elbows and knees until absorbed.


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