Silcare Christmas Box – Flexy Hybrid Gel

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Silcare Christmas Box – Flexy Hybrid Gel consists of 15 Flexy gel polishes and one top coat with golden flakes, which we were discovering together with you during our travel around the world with a nail across the map.Having the entire series of Silcare Collections 2021 in one box is a real treat for all manicure adventurers. Moreover,with such a present under a Christmas tree, every nail art fan will feel like the world is at their… fingernails and toenails!

Set includes:

  • Flexy Madame Pastelle Set – combination of a Parisian chic style, unimposing elegance and a crisp springtime in Provence blooming in pastels. The set consists of four gel polishes in the shades of subtle yellowlight mint greenfragrant lavenderand mallow pink. Together they create a sweet and feminine color pallet inspired by not only the French nature but also spring fashion shows of the most famous fashion houses, such as Alexander McQueen or Gucci.
  • Flexy Sunny Fandango Set – essence of summer hidden in a set consisting of four gel polishes. Paradise-like azure waters, sweet raspberry smoothie, juicy orange and intense limeare the shades that will energize you, while the shiny particles will add a real sunny glow to your nail stylization.
  • Flexy Hello Manhattan! – will take you to the heart of the vibrant “capital of the world.” The set of four gel polishes consists of speedy yellow of New York taxi cabs, rich green of Central Park, as well as, memorable pink and blue of the sky above Times Square. Thanks to this choice of colors, you’ll be able to create many different and fashionable autumn nail arts – as diverse as the American metropolis.
  • Flexy Icy Lights – Change is HERe along with long winter nights illuminated with golden festive magic! The set will help you catch the spirit of Christmastime – white, black and pale pink gel polishes together with a clear top coat with golden flakes is a combination that will allow you to create both elegant and glamorous manicure.


Set features:

  • amazing present for every manicure fan
  • beautifully designed boxes


Product features:

  • elastic (due to carefully selected oligomers)
  • intensively pigmented (a solid doze of energetic colors)
  • perfect adhesion (bonds with base coat through hydrogen bonds)
  • ideal for LED and UV-LED lamps (high quantum efficiency)
  • problem-free curing (due to effective photoinitiators)