Base One Gel UV Perfumelle 5 g

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TYPE: colors
UV CURING TIME: 36 W / 2 min
COVERAGE: covering
THICKNESS: medium thick

Your fragrance, Your name, Your choice

With fragrance gels Base One Perfumelle, you will discover your second nature and enter the world of gel manicure in scent of morning dew, summer rain or sweet fruit note. Each of them combine the highest quality gel with unique fragrance, as a result doing nails will become a true pleasure.

Base One Perfumelle gels have very good adhesiveness to both tips as well as a form. You can easily embed decorations in it and mix with other gels or acrylic.


  • one phase
  • medium thickness
  • self levelling

WAY OF USE: Apply gel to a nail plate, cure under UV lamp 36 Watt for 2 minutes. The fragrance unleashes during application. 

PALETTE Base One Perfumelle


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