Base One Gel UV Black Diamond 5 g

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TYPE: colors, decoration
UV CURING TIME: 36 W / 2 min
COVERAGE: covering
THICKNESS: medium thick

The new classic black

The collection of UV gels Base One line – Black Diamond consist of 10 sparkling gels, enchanting with glitter particles embedded in classic black. High glitter saturation enable for creating an elegant and elaborate gel manicure, ideal for every season of the year.

By connecting very fine glitter and black gel base, it was possible to obtain an incredible depth effect, which resembles structure of precious stones. This extraordinary effect appears already after applying two thin layers of the product. Due to medium thick density and good covering properties, it is comfortable and easy to apply.


  • Medium dense
  • Self-leveling
  • Very good adhesion
  • One phase
  • Curing time under UV lamp - 2 minutes

WAY OF USE: mix before use, apply 2 thin layers and cure each layer for 2 minutes under UV lamp 36 Watt.





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