Silcare Baby Booomer Set

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  • Manufacturer: Silcare®

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Silcare Baby Booomer Set

Silcare Baby Booomer Set

Silcare Real Bodyguard - cuticle protection

Real Bodyguard - cuticle protection



Do not overpay! Get Baby Boomer kit, and three Silcare gels you will have cheaper.

Baby Boomer is more subtle version of classic French manicure. In contrary to French manicure, where the tip of the nail clearly differentiates from the nail polish color at the nail plate, Baby Boomer has characteristic faded effect, commonly known as ombre effect. In order to create this nail stylization, you will need: Base One Cover to camouflage the whole nail plate, Base One French Pink Dark (applied on the 3/4 length of the plate). Base One Bianco (applied on the tip of the nail) and a brush or sponge by means of which you will blend white and milky pink gel to create smooth transition between colors.

The kit contains:

Base One Cover – a masking UV gel of medium density. It has very good leveling properties on the surface of the nail. It gives nails the natural color, perfectly camouflages a nail plate and optically extends nails. The gel ideally covers discolorations and imperfections. It can be easily combined with other gels.

Base One French Pink Dark – a milky pink medium thick gel. Superb adhesion beside cuticles, satisfying self-leveling properties. Recommended for building on nail tips and nail forms. Creates nice, equal and healthy coloring on the nail. It’s ideal for nail tips with a natural look and to create long and decorated nails on the nail form, for example, wedding nails.

W-4 Bianco Estremo Thanks to using optical brighter and up to 70% increase in density of white pigment in the formula – was achived more perfect white.