Silcare Baby Booomer UV Gel Base One Set 3x 5 g

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Baby Boomer is a subtle version of the classic French manicure. In contrary to French manicure, where the white tip of the nail visibly cuts itself away from the colorful nail polish, Baby Boomer is characterized by a delicate fade that creates a shaded ombre effect.

In order to create such stylization, you’ll need: Base One Cover to cover the whole nail plate, Base One French Pink Dark to cover 3/4 of the nail plate’s length, Base One Bianco to apply on the nail plate’s tip, and of course, nail art brush or sponge to gently mix a white gel with a milky-pink one in order to create a seamless gradient.

Now you’ll be able to buy all 3 gels in a promotional price. Save your time and money with our Baby Boomer Set!

The set includes:

  • Base One UV GEL Cover Dark is a camouflaging UV gel in a dark shade of pink nude. It’s ideal for people with light brown or moderate brown skin type. The gel has medium-thick consistency, levels very good on the nail plate’s surface and gives it a natural color. Moreover, our product perfectly masks nail plate imperfections and discolorations as well as optically lengthens the nail. It can be easily combined with other gels.
  • Base One French Pink Dark is a medium-thick gel in a milky-pink color. It has a revolutionary adhesion to the area near the cuticles and satisfying self-leveling properties. The product is recommended for building nails on tips and forms. Thanks to it, you can create beautiful nails with an even color of a healthy nail plate. It’s perfect for doing short, natural-looking nail tips as well as long and decorative nail enhancements on a form (like, for example, wedding manicure).
  • Base One Bianco Naturale W1 is a medium-thick UV gel in a natural white color. It’s ideal for creating, for example, French white tips. The gel can be easily applied to both false nail and natural nail plate.