Hybrid Gel Set Be Sexy with Flexy

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Well-cared-for nails not only make the hands look slender and elegant but they also give us confidence and make us feel pretty!


You’ll find everything that you need to create an ideal hybrid gel manicure in our set: five hybrid gels from Flexy series, Top of Tops No Wipe and two freebiesFlexy Keratin + Vitamins Rich Base and Base One Primer with vitamins. Design a stunning, scratch-resistant, eye-catching stylization that will enhance your hands. Be sexy with Flexy – just like that!

The set consists of:

  • Flexy Hybrid Gel (15, 102, 105, 108, 117) 5 x 4.5 g
  • Top of Tops No Wipe 15 g


  • Flexy Keratin + Vitamins Rich Base 9 g
  • Base One Primer with vitamins 15 g.