Sequent Acrylic LUX White 12 g

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Acrylics Sequent Lux

Perfect for full modelling, corrections and refills. Easy to apply and to work with. Designed for both advanced and beginners.


  • We disinfect ours and clients hand using the bactericidal preparation (eg. Izosol -
  • With a wooden stick we precisely move away the cuticles. The most helpful to do it is a cuticle softener (eg. Cuticle Remover -
  • We adapt the shape and size of the nail tips.
  • We put a drop of glue, spreading it evenly over the inner surface of the tips. (eg. Nail Glue Silcare Basic - We glue them from the bottom to top so that no air bubbles could be created under the false nail.
  • We remove the rest of the glue.
  • We shorten the tips to the desired length.
  • Shape the nail using a nail file.
  • Align the transition between the false and natural nail. Try not to file down the natural nail plate.
  • Remove the filling with a broom or brush.
  • With the filing block we matt all the shining part of the tips.
  • We remove the dust and purify it with a degreaser. Wait while the degreaser evaporates.
  • Next we use a primer, imposing it on the whole nail (eg. Perfect Primer -
  • To the dish we pour the liquid (eg. Monomer Fast Clear LUX -
  • Gently soak the brush, sunk in the acrylic so as to form a ball.
  • We move it on the nail and form a white tip. Then proceed the same way with pink or clear acrylic forming the rest of the nail.
  • Wait until it dries and file down to obtain the appropriate form of the nail.
    If the templates where used instead of false nails, we peel them off.
  • With a polisher or the polishing block we polish to a shine.
  • You can also apply a shining varnish, shining gel or UV Coat. For the use of gel, a UV lamp is needed.
  • At the end we rub in the skins a nurturing oil (eg. Olis The Garden of Colour -


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