OUTLET Conditioner 9 ml

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  • Manufacturer: Silcare®
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Calcium Care - Nourishing formula for natural, problematic nails. Thanks to the condensed amount of calcium, the structure of your nails will become stronger and healthier. It is perfect for breakable plates, also soft, deprived of vitamins. Rebuild your nail plate with Calcium Care conditioner.

Care Gel - Concentrated nourishing extracts in gel.
The specific application facilitates maximum absorption of conditioning components. A gentle massage of nails and hands made after applying conditioner ensures relaxation.

Hydro Hard - A protective film in liquid. After drying leaves crystalline polishing and curing layer. Systematic use helps to cure and make nails more flexible, affecting their growing. Perfectly protects at daily activities.

Line Vanish - Formula is used along the line of the old material after preparing the nail for the renewal treamtment.
A few seconds after the application, the line clearly disappears merging with the nail plate. Eliminates the need for filling with file. The product does not contain MMA or methacrylic acid.

Multi Complex - The secret to beautiful nails is a balanced diet and right care  products. Nail Conditioner UV Multi Complex is a professional product designed for people who face the problem of splitting and weak nail plate. In a very short time nourishes, smoothes and hardens nails, giving them a perfectly smooth and shiny surface.

Stop Yellow in the form of a conditioner for nails is ideal for natural and discolored nails, as a quick and easy way to brighten them making them look healthy and brighter. Furthermore, this formulation, applied as the last layer of glaze, excellent protects against yellowing acrylic and gel nails! Apply with a brush in thin layers, depending on the needs of two or three layers.

Top Shine - Gloss product for use as a top coat on false and natural nails. Slightly violet color has no effect on the plate, leaving a perfectly smooth and glossy surface of the nail. Shines under UV light. Does not contain harmful substances: formaldehyde, toluene, dibutyl phthalate. Packaging has a specially shaped brush that is made of high quality nylon bristles TYNEX ® technology by the American company DuPont. With its unique slim shape brush, it is easy to distribute the product on the nail plate and shorten the application time. Top Shine can be used as a primer for dark colors.

Top Universe is a new line of surface preparation for use on colored nail varnish or gel. Revives the color of colored decorations. The universe has many unique colors, some of them can be captured on nails, and their intensity emphasized through the topcoat formulations from Silcare. Choose one of six color variations, most corresponding to the color of the previously applied varnish or gel. It may be used alone, directly to the natural nail plate, as well as tips and designs with gel method. The best results are obtained when applied to a color. Top the painting emphasizes the color intensity of the applied varnish or gel. Additionally the color becomes glossy. Top leaves a perfectly smooth and shiny surface. Packaging has a specially shaped brush which is made of high quality nylon bristles  in TYNEX ® technology from U.S. company DuPont. With its unique flat shape, the brush facilitates the distribution of product on the nail plate and shortens the application time.

Tip Vanish Formula that  supports the natural nail plate after sticking the tips. Tip Vanish is used along the line where is the visible border between the tip and the natural nail. After application wait for 15-30 seconds and then start polishing.