Eyelashes Amely Lashes Classic C/13 mm/0,15 mm

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If you wish to have a lash flabellum, bet on the eyelash extension and thickening procedure with the use of Amely Lashes, which will make your gaze more intensive and your eyes visually bigger. The case contains 12 strips of black, medium thick, shiny 13 mm long lashes. The C curve gives an effect of naturally curled eyelashes hence they do not look fake. Thanks to a comfortable case they are easy to store, whereas the false lashes are attached in such a way that makes it possible to detach a single piece with the use of tweezers. Amaze with your self-confidence and your captivating look!


  • curve: C
  • length: 13 mm
  • thickness: 0.15 mm
  • material: synthetic lashes
  • 12 strips in a case