Rock IT Hybrid Gel

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  • Manufacturer: Silcare®
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Another line of hybrid gels Silcare - Rock It is a production technology combined with the intensity of the color and exceptional durability.

Due to the innovative use of acrylic polyester, the hybrid has excellent formula. As a result, the gel mass is flexible, evenly pigmented and has a very good resistance to ultraviolet radiation.


   - resistant (due to the unique properties of fiber)
   - exceptional flexibility (gel layers work with the nail plate)
   - excellent dispersion (the gel mass is evenly pigmented)
   - excellent application and distribution of the product
   - for use on the natural nail as well as tips, gel or acrylic
   - suggested application with base and top
   - the ability to remove with use of acetone
   - standard curing time (2 minutes)

WAY OF USE: spread 1-2 thin gel layers with a brush on the nail plate, and cure under UV lamp for about 2 minutes.





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