Rhinestone pencil picker

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Tiny decorative elements, splendid 3D decorations, colorful studs – there are plenty of ways to diversify nail stylizations, but how to transfer them onto the nails and not destroy the project and… the frame of mind? The WHITE rhinestone pencil picker for transferring decorative elements onto nails will make this task very easy. It looks like an ordinary school pencil, but the purpose is slightly different. The wax pencil makes the tiny elements stick to it easily, and transfer them with great precision onto nails without any problems. The element is placed where it should be, so that the whole stylization is perfect and needs no corrections. The pencil stays in hand well , picks elements of various shapes and sizes, and needs no sharpening. No real professional can live without one!


  • precise
  • efficient
  • needs no sharpening

WAY OF USE: Touch chosen decoration with the end of the pencil picker’s core and put it on a nail plate. When the pencil doesn’t pick elements any more, pull the string, which tear the outer layer of it, and rip off the paper in order to expose the white core.