Quin two-phase hand peeling for hand and body Orange 300 ml + book "Recipe for a great life" by Adriana Szklarz

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Quin two-phase hand peeling for hand and body Orange + book "Recipe for a great life" by Adriana Szklarz

An unusual set created in cooperation with an inspiring woman - Adriana Szklarz, motivation expert, trainer, coach.
Discover the latest book by the author of "Women with a male heart", thanks to which you will find your own way to being happy, you will get to know "50 proven ingredients to enjoy life" - in a word, you will discover "Recipe for a wonderful life".
After reading, let yourself relax for a moment with the inspired book "Element of a great life", which is a new edition of your favorite Qlt Two-Phase Peel to your hand and body with an incredibly energetic aroma of oranges. A perfect gift idea for both a loved one and yourself.

Quin Two-phase hand peeling for hands and body makes the skin elastic, pleasant to the touch and clearly nourished and properly oxygenated. The fine-grained salt from the Dead Sea contained in the peeling stimulates circulation, intensively exfoliates, smoothes, cleanses and revitalizes the skin. Avocado oil nourishes it and intensively moisturizes it. Recommended even for very sensitive skin. After applying the product the skin regains its radiance and beautiful color. Thanks to the combination of two phases, the performance of the peeling is extremely pleasant, and the effect on the skin of the body and hand is immediately felt. Peeling has amazing holiday scents and fabulous colors that bring to mind the warm ocean waters.


  • gently but intensively exfoliates dead epidermi
  • smoothes and cleanses the skin
  • ensures the correct degree of hydration
  • nourishes the skin
  • stimulates blood circulation
  • improves the appearance, elasticity and condition of the skin
  • restores the proper skin tone
  • product without preservatives
  • refreshing and energetic orange fragrance

Directions for use: Shake the packaging until the two phases are completely mixed up. Apply the product on a selected part of the body and gently massage with circular hand movements for about one minute. Rinse thoroughly with cold or cool water and dry. Apply 1-2 times a week.