Quin Body Coolness & Relief Legs Spray 200 ml

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  • Manufacturer: Silcare®
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Quin Body Coolness & Relief Legs Spray is intended for individuals who suffer from swollen and sore legs. It contains Legactif – a complex of active ingredients obtained from plants that fights the issue of heavy and tired legs, provides good mood and a feeling of relaxation due to the improvement of blood circulation and anti-edema action. The product contains menthol which has anti-itch, anesthetic as well as disinfectant and refreshing effects, thanks to which the spray gently and pleasantly cools legs.

Legactif complex consists of:

  • goldenrod – rich in rutoside (significantly reduces peripheral edema)
  • lemon – rich in citrus flavonoids (anti-edema action)
  • butcher’s-broom – rich in ruscogenin (shows strong anti-inflammatory properties, stimulates blood circulation, reduces permeability of blood vessels as well as improves their resistance), rutoside and hesperidin (improves resistance of blood vessels by inhibiting hyaluronidase enzyme)


  • contains a complex of plant active ingredients (goldenrod, lemon and butcher’s-broom)
  • gently and pleasantly cools thanks to menthol content
  • reduces feeling of heavy legs
  • improves blood circulation and strengthens blood veins
  • brings relief
  • doesn’t contain dyes or pigments

Way of use: Spray feet and calves, then gently massage. Do not use on the damaged skin.