1+1 Base One Gel UV French Pink 5 g

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  • Manufacturer: Silcare®
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Don’t miss the opportunity! Buy Base One French Pink – medium thick gel in milky pink color – and get a second one for FREE!

Base One French Pink gel is extremely liked by nail stylists. It is distinguished by superb adhesion along the cuticle and beautiful milky pink color. The product is recommended for building nails on tips or forms, it helps to create nails with beautiful even color. It is ideal for use on short natural looking nails, and for creating long decorative nails on a form like, for example, wedding manicure. In short – it is worth to have it in your collection!


  • medium thick
  • superb adhesion along the cuticle
  • satisfactory self-leveling properties
  • one-phase

DIRECTIONS FOR USE: Spread gel over nail plate, then cure under 36 W UV lamp for 2 minutes.

TYPE OF GEL: builder, transparent, ideal for French manicure