Celebration Moments Body Care Set (soap 250 ml + body lotion 250 ml)

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Celebration Moments Body Care Set was created to help you celebrate beauty and femininity each day. Our creamy body soap and body lotion stimulates the senses with a tempting mix of aromas of rose, ylang-ylang flower and jasmine. Their composition, based on vitamin E, glycerin and Silk Milk complex, guarantees proper softness and elasticity of the skin, protecting it against dehydration and providing a feeling of silky smoothness.

Celebration Moments Creamy Body Soap creates a thick and rich foam on the skin that provides a thorough cleansing without dehydrating the epidermis. Moreover, the product does not leave a sticky layer on the skin. The soap contains glycerin that cares for the proper level of moisturization of the skin, while the Silk Milk complex improves its elasticity. The soap has an optimal pH for the skin and leaves an amazingly pleasant and long-lasting floral fragrance on its surface.

Active ingredients: Silk Milk complex, glycerin

Directions for use: Apply a small amount of soap to damp hands or body, massage until a lather forms, rinse off under running water. Repeat, if necessary.

Celebration Moments Body Lotion provides a high level of moisturization even to very dry and demanding skin. When used regularly, the glycerin, vitamin E and carefully selected emollients contained in the product help the skin recover its silky smoothness and elasticity. The extremely light and creamy consistency of the lotion make it absorb quickly, plus it does not leave a sticky layer on the skin. The feminine floral fragrance stays on the skin for a long time and spoils the senses.

Active ingredients: 3% urea, glycerin, vitamin E, complex of selected emollients

Directions for use: Massage into clean, dry skin all over the body and leave to absorb.

Dermatologically tested.