OUTLET Perfume Nail Oil Sensual Moments Elegant Late 10 ml

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Sensual Moments Oils are an ideal solution for those, who dream about beautiful nails. They’ll help to regenerate damaged plate and make your nails to smell lovely like never before: perfumed oils contain specially selected aromatic compositions, which are extremely durable and tempting.

The power of natural ingredients will strengthen and harden the nail plate protecting it from splitting and breaking. Due to the unique formulation based on the complex of 7 precious oils: olive oil, macadamia, grape seed, linseed, avocado, soybean, castor and vitamin E the nail plate and cuticles will be oiled, nourished and well-cared for.

Thanks to Sensual Moments oils your hands will look beautiful every day!

Find your scent:

Sensual Moments Divine You Oil – fragrance for a sensual and independent woman, who pursues her desired goal. A dominant note of black coffee enriched with a scent of jasmine, orange flower and pink pepper, which intertwines with an aroma of patchouli and vanilla.

Sensual Moments Elegant Late Oil – essence of womanhood contained in oil, its scent combines a note of citrus, tangerine with rose, ylang-ylang, orange flower and tuberose. This is a combination for sophisticated and sensual women.

Sensual Moments Hush Hush Oil – Tempts with a fancy scent of melon and citruses. Juiciness and a dash of grapefruit’s bitterness with an apple’s sweetness and watermelon’s lightness mixes with an amazingly refined bouquet of flowers: tuberose, convallaria, rose and violet. All intertwined with daring and brave sandalwood-ambrette chords.

Sensual Moments Secret Love Oil – unbelievably flowery composition that delights with joyous accents. You’ll find in it a noble note of iris, orange flower and jasmine, which are enhanced by deep chords of patchouli and pralines’ composition as well as juicy raspberries

Sensual Moments This Is Me Oil – combines scent of blackcurrant with a note of freesia, rose and vanilla, it’s additionally enriched with musk tree aroma.


Carton dimensions:
width 37 mm
height 97 mm
depth. 34 mm

  • composition of 7 natural oils strengthens the nail plate preventing it from splitting and breaking
  • natural ingredients provide nourishment of cuticles
  • easy and comfortable application thanks to the package with pipette
  • packed in an elegant box

Apply oil on each nail, next massage into plate and cuticles. Use every evening and after manicure or pedicure.