Hair Removal Sugar Paste Roll

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The sugar paste is designed for body hair removal. Ideal for strong and short hair. Very gentle and effective in action. Designed especially for sensitive skin prone to allergies. The composition of the paste is 100% natural, with no preservatives or artificial colors. Hair Removal using sugar paste is less painful than the traditional method of wax. This involves sticking the paste only to the hair and not the skin - no breaks off hair. As a result, it does not cause irritation. The paste should be applied to the hair and pulled with the hair. It is very flexible and does not require high temperature, which eliminates the possibility of skin burns. It can be used for  vascular skin and varicose veins. Remains of the paste remove with warm water.

How to use: Paste before application should be slightly warmed. For previously prepared skin put a thin layer of paste directing the roller with the grain of the hair. Apply the patch, press it to the skin followied by a quick, firm movement  to tear off the patch in the direction of hair growth. The residue of sugar paste remove with lukewarm water and apply moisturizing/soothing lotion.

Caution: Keep away from children. Product intended for professional usage only.