Paraffin Bowl with display DR-550A

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Paraffin bowl DR - 550A - 200W electric paraffin heater with a thermoregulator that allows you to perform hand care with perfumed paraffins with extracts of vitamins and nutrients.

The recommended treatment temperature is 50 °C - 60 °C. Paraffin above 60 °C is too hot to use. The temperature of 80 °C (max) is only for melting paraffin.


  • Power: 200 Watt
  • Voltage: 220V - 240V / 50 Hz    
  • Recommended temperature: 50 °C - 60 °C

The paraffin treatment intensively regenerates, moisturizes and firms the skin. Especially recommended for dry and rough hands. The treatment restores the skin's smoothness, healthy color, relieves rheumatic pains in the joints of the hands, fingers and elbows. The skin becomes velvety smooth and pleasant to the touch. In addition, it positively affects fragile and brittle nails, which thoroughly oils.

Step by step paraffin treatment

Always check the paraffin temperature before surgery to avoid burns. It is recommended to properly prepare your hands for the procedure.

  • Immerse your hands in the heated paraffin, then remove (repeat the procedure 4-5 times).
  • Put on disposable plastic gloves after the procedure.
  • Then put your hands in plastic gloves with gloves made of material. Recommended time 10-15 minutes.
  • After this time, gently remove the gloves with already cool paraffin and enjoy the feeling of smoother and rejuvenated skin of the hands.


  1. We connect the paraffin machine to the power supply (red lamp is flashing; no temperature is showing on the display).
  2. We put paraffin in the paraffin machine and cover with a lid.
  3. Press the "ON" button and set the desired temperature with the "+" and "-" buttons.
  4. The display with the temperature indicator is flashing. When the paraffin machine reaches the set temperature, the display stops flashing.