Sponge Polish Remover Twist & Go 50 ml

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The great majority of women often use nail polishes and removers aswell which require cosmetic wipes. Is it all so necessary? Is it possible to handle without tons of cotton wipes during the polish removing? Silcare® makes life comfortable and created the sponge polish remover Twist & Go. It is fast, very easy and very convenient way to get rid of polish nail.

New acetone free remover contains no solvents such as ethyl acetate and butyl or ethyl alcohol, which are so common in this type of product. Sensitive components that effectively remove the polish from the nail plate, but not cause dryness, do not leave a white coating, me nourish the nails and the skin around it because of vitamin complex (Vit. A, B5, B8, E, F, H) Lanolin and glycerin give moisturizing and hydrating effect. This product brings nutritional and regenerated nail plate.

Twist & Go has pleasant scent of black grapes and has been designed for women who are looking for a product delicate for nails and surrounding skin of the hand, without  risk of excessive dryness or damage. Twist & Go does not have the characteristic smell of solvents or acetone. It is not irritating like other removers based on traditional ingredients.
Suitable for tips and natural nails. An effective way to remove even a few layers of nail polish.

The package is a screwable plastic jar, 50 ml capacity, which includes safe and convenient dispenser sponge soaked in remover. This prevents leakage and spillage cleaner. Perfect for your bag or suitcase, traveling irreplaceable. Without unnecessary cotton wipes.