Base One Gel UV Pearl 5 g

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TYPE: colors
UV CURING TIME: 36 W / 2 min
COVERAGE: covering
THICKNESS: medium thick

Base One Pearl gels in revolutionary prices!!!

Base One Pearl is the depth of color itself with a pearl glow addition. A palette of 20 intensive colors – greens, purples, pinks and yellows – these shades match every woman who values highly pigmented nail colors. Now you have a rare opportunity to try them all out!

Base One Pearl gels set includes the whole glittery line, that is why you do not have to wonder which shade you should choose. There are 20 jars locked up in a box, they hide in themselves a range of gels of very good adhesion standards. They can be combined without any problem with other gels and the medium thick consistency provides the highest work comfort. As a result of disposing acrylic acid we achieved a product with a more beneficial nail plate effect than regular UV gels.

Base One Pearl gels have been established based on an innovative recipe allowing to achieve exceptionally durable polymer chains of gel mass. An appropriate particle arrangement causes the mass to be durable and elastic, simultaneously it is characterized by a pleasing adhesion both on nail tips and natural nail plate.


  • acid-free product
  • 1-phase
  • medium dense
  • self-leveling

Way of use: spread the gel on the nail plate or tips, cure it in a 36-watt UV lamp for 2 min.