Fresh Sea Algae Body Cream Peeling 275 ml

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  • Manufacturer: Silcare®
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The magical effects of peeling is known as an invaluable source of beauty, radiance and firmness of the skin. Main purpose of the peeling is exfoliation of dead skin - simple and effective treatment that brightens, softens and nourishes the skin perfectly.

Body and hand peeling with algae is one of the safest and most effective treatments nourishing your body. The particles are very fine-grained and do not irritate the skin. Contained in the cream micronized algae and absorbs fluids. After all your skin is soft and very delicate in touch.

Algae peeling exfoliates the dead skin, which restors the beautiful color of your skin, improves blood circulation, helps in absorbation nutrients from creams or lotions, restores natural pH. Unbelivable experience...

Creamy consistency spreads very well, leaving the skin soft and pleasant scent. Massage with Fresh Sea Algae Body Cream Peeling and relaxes.


  1. Massage on a slightly wet skin.
  2. Application of the peeling starts from lowest body parts, then abdomen, arms, back and neck.
  3. Remains of the peeling carefully remove with water and dry your body.

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